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OTC Lists & Information

The Wyoming Department of Health, Pharmacy Services will determine if OTC drugs are covered by Wyoming Medicaid. OTC drugs may be covered only if the drug is listed as rebatable on the quarterly (CMS) rebate file and the manufacturer has submitted all product data to Medispan. The product must have been assigned an NDC number and be ordered by a licensed prescribing practitioner. Please review specific plans in the Wyoming Medicaid Pharmacy Provider Manual for OTC coverage limitations and exclusions.

File Description Date
OTC Covered List 02/20/17 257.69 KB 2017/02/21
OTC Covered List 01/15/17 255.43 KB 2017/01/17
OTC Covered List 11/03/16 209.66 KB 2016/11/23
OTC Covered List 10/15/16 252.65 KB 2016/10/17
OTC Covered List 8/20/16 236.85 KB 2016/08/25
OTC Covered List 7/15/16 234.82 KB 2016/07/18
OTC Covered List 5/20/16 234.71 KB 2016/05/23
OTC Covered List 4/15/16 234.93 KB 2016/04/18
OTC Covered List 2/20/16 236.06 KB 2016/02/22
OTC Covered List 1/15/16 173.12 KB 2016/01/18